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Youth Links offers supportive and individual needs assessment for young people aged between 16 – 25.

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Youth Links supports young people experiencing problems with housing and homelessness. Through client-centred case planning, we provide practical and emotional support, advocacy and resourcing. Assistance with independent living and ongoing support is also offered.

Youth Crisis Accommodation

For young people aged from 16 – 18 years who are homeless and have nowhere safe to live, LCN provides a Youth Crisis Accommodation service. As a crisis service, young people may stay within the youth refuge for short periods of up to three months and they work with staff to create individual case plans. Case managers assist and support young people in developing and implementing strategies to reduce homelessness, or the risk of homelessness. They cover topics such as housing, maintained tenancies, independent living skills, employment, education and personal relationships.

Youth Links Life Skills

Our Youth Links Life Skills program is an innovative approach to providing training, skills building  and community participation for young people aged 15 -18 years old.

Life skills are the day-to-day skills many people take for granted, but they are essential for living independently. Life skills training is different from support, help or assistance because its aim is to promote self-sufficiency. When young people acquire these life skills, they are able to move on from homelessness and re-settle in the community.

Life skills activities include:

  • Developing a range of food preparation and cooking skills;
  • Budgeting for food and other living expenses;
  • Planning for shopping and cooking;
  • Learning about healthy and balanced diets;
  • Preparing food and eating together as a group;
  • Improved learning and other daily living skills;
  • Connecting with community groups, social groups and other recreational groups.

Freebeez Lockers

In partnership with PCYC, our Youth Links program provides Freebeez lockers, which contain some necessities for homeless people in the community. A range of items for immediate help are included, such as food, a sleeping bag and some personal items, and access can be given by contacting the Kids Helpline. Support workers provide follow-up care the next day to address any needs and provide assistance.

 For further information please contact the Youth Links Team on 0488 487 810

LCN Referrals

The LCN Referral Form covers all of our programs, except WDVCAS, EAPA, SHLV, FASS and STSH. Once submitted, one of our team members will contact you.

Youth Homelessness Matters

Watch this video to hear first-hand how homelessness affects young people in our community, including what they fear most and find hardest about being homeless and why they turn to Linking Communities Network for help.