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When clients first reach out to LCN for assistance, they are often experiencing difficult circumstances and significant hardship. With our practical help and emotional support, they can take a new direction to achieve their goals.

Many of our past clients are happy to share their journey, so that others experiencing a similar situation know that they are not alone, help is available and a brighter future can be theirs too.

Help, hope, and a radiant outlook

Help, hope, and a radiant outlook

Michelle and Sean* are parents to an eight year old boy with special needs and identify as Indigenous Australians. Due to concerns about childhood neglect, specifically providing adequate food, they were referred to LCN’s Brighter Futures program. During the initial...

A Change for the Better

A Change for the Better

Mary* was 46 years old when she attended LCN’s domestic violence community awareness day and joined a session late in the day. As the session ended, Mary disclosed to one of our Caseworkers that she had never realised she too was a victim of domestic violence. While...

Staying Home Leaving Violence

Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Services

Sustaining Tenancies in Social Housing

Child, Youth & Family Services

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