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Links for Women operates the women’s crisis accommodation service for women with or without dependent children experiencing domestic and family violence and offers safe and secure accommodation. The crisis accommodation service is contactable 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. The role of the Refuge is to provide accommodation, immediate protection from violence and emotional support. Each client is assigned a Case Worker, who assists the client with her short and long term goals. A Case Plan is implemented in conjunction with the client allowing the client direction/focus to achieve their goals, with the support from the Case Worker.

With written permission from the client, the client can be referred to other agencies that could assist her with such issues as legal matters, housing, cultural and linguistic needs, health matters, assistance to reclaim her personal belongings, attending court, returning to her home, finding exit housing and re-locating.

Women can also be clients of the service in the community. Home or service visits will be scheduled to conduct a needs assessment and ascertain the best fit for you and your family to meet your identified goals.

We also specialise in assistance, advocacy and referrals for:

  • domestic and family violence education and support;
  • case management and planning;
  • housing issues and tenancy support;
  • counselling, mental and emotional wellbeing and safety;
  • parenting programs;
  • budgeting and financial referrals;
  • work development orders;
  • legal issues, including ADVOs, family law and separation;
  • education, training and employment.

Domestic Violence specialist workers also undertake community education via our Domestic Violence Education Van and travel to all areas in the district providing information on Domestic and Family Violence.

If you want further information please contact 02 6964 3381.

LCN Referrals

The LCN Referral Form covers all of our programs, except WDVCAS, EAPA, SHLV, FASS and STSH. Once submitted, one of our team members will contact you.